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Wed February 20, 2019  

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PanHunting - international hunting adventures
Hunting Across America
  on the Outdoor Channel
Hosted by Mike Morgan and Jim Jones

Mazatlan Ducks and Doves

Mike and Jim head south of the border to the
coastal city of Mazatlan, Mexico with PanHunting's
Jay Burkert.

Air dates:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, May 8
Friday 9:30 PM, May 11
Sunday 7:30 PM, May 13

More from Mazatlan  

The high volume hunt continues as the Hunting Across America
crew drops an interesting variety of ducks from the
sunny skies of Mexico.

Air dates:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, May 29
Friday 9:30 PM, June 1
Sunday 7:30 PM, June 3

Texas Goose Bonanza
Mike and Jim take you to the Texas  panhandle where the migrating geese
are plentiful and the action is exhilarating.

Air dates:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, June 19
Friday 9:30 PM, June 22
Sunday 7:30 PM, June 24

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

Air dates:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, June 26
Friday 9:30 PM, June 29
Sunday 7:30 PM, July 01

Mazatlan Ducks and Doves (repeat)

Tuesday 10:00 AM, July 10
Friday 9:30 PM, July 13
Sunday 7:30 PM, July 15

More from Mazatlan   (repeat)

Tuesday 10:00 AM, July 24
Friday 9:30 PM, July 27
Sunday 7:30 PM, July 29

Texas Goose Bonanza (repeat)

Tuesday 10:00 AM, August 7
Friday 9:30 PM, August 10
Sunday 7:30 PM, August 12

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt (repeat)

Air dates:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, Aug 21
Friday 9:30 PM, Aug 24
Sunday 7:30 PM, Aug 25

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